Friday, 13 March 2009

"There are two types of people: those who run and those who should."

I tentatively type my first mark on this blank blog page, taking those first baby steps into the electronic world. It's all a bit intimidating being a follower of some fantastic bloggers (Omeleteer, Dunn running, Mountainous Ambitions). I don't claim to be the charismatic type, enthralling any accidental readers with my wit and I'm certainly no great shakes at storytelling. Still, there's something very creative and appealing about the chance to create your own space in this electronic world; adding beautiful pics (credit to my talented friend Jem), links, quotes, stats and charts and sharing my love of all things running, [sigh].

I'm not quite sure how disciplined I'll be and realise there's a high risk of becoming a fair weather blogger but I've now stepped into the great blogging world, exposed and vulnerable, squinting at the screen, fingertips trembling and poised for the journey ahead. Be patient reader...

My first week off work is coming to an end and I've now exhausted all avoidance strategies; the front door still needs a coat of paint and the garden's a jungle. Blogging is going to serve as another great distraction in addition to my first love, running. Since giving up the fags in 2005 I’ve been smitten. I joined a local running club and have never looked back, (well only very nervously at the end of races but I’m trying to stop doing that now). I’ve been celebrating my very first year running injury free (touch something woody) and this is my first week back to training after a couple of weeks easing down (a tactic I employ to keep legs fresh). I say ease down; I still ran 40 odd miles each week and had to race at the end of it - a Yorkshire vest in the Inter Counties XC which secured a silver medal and a chance to run with the senior lady big guns.

I’m loving the chance this week to run in the day and take recovery naps in the afternoon. This week's felt tough though with a hill reps session yesterday into the wind that left lungs bursting and quads burning. 5 x 4min hill efforts usually kick starts my endurance phase and always come as a shocker session. I'm hopeful this will pay off at the Wilmslow HM in 2 weeks; my last long race before sharpening for the shorter stuff this summer. A short track session on Saturday followed by a nice long easy run on Sunday should earn me a big Sunday dinner and bring me up to well over 60 miles this week.

This blog may bore, at least some of the time but if nothing else, I can entertain a few local runners with some racing snaps, my training mishaps and arouse any fellow anoraks out there with my very sexy training spreadsheets...


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