Monday, 16 March 2009

"Stars Of Track And Field, You Are..."

A late post tonight after tea out with M and our club mates KO & RB in Guiseley. Had a lovely time though might have kept them up a bit late for a school night - us Vets need to get our kip. Lovely talking to them both about life and all things running - they seem equally if not more obsessed with the sport than me.

Was inspired to listen to some more old tunes after watching the Rough Trade Doc for myself this afternoon. I pulled out an old Pale Saints CD (any former fans out there?) and had a bit of an old person's jig around the kitchen to Leftfield whilst getting my lunch. Watching the doc has also made me feel pretty aged particularly seeing how young Roddy Frame and Morrissey look on some of the OGWT snippets.

Becoming a Vet this year has been sobering though someone said to me recently that you're not a real Vet until you hit 40, which is of course a suggestion I quite like. A recent call from our club track team manager for some commitment to this summer's track fixtures has also been a sharp reminder of my age; I was 15 the last time I ran a race on the track just before I gave up running for 17 years. I'm even contemplating giving the odd track race a go though nothing shorter than 3k I suspect. I'm comforting myself that it'll be a 'good speed session' even if I embarrass myself and the club wildly. There's no hiding in the pack during a track race and the thought of all those cropped tops and skimpy pants - eek! Anyway I'm thinking if nothing else it might add a few points to the club tally in the league so will need to suppress this wimpish self talk.

You may have noticed my nifty pics above, added after a very helpful response from a fellow Wharfedale forumite. LM, a star of my old club IH kindly provided a link to some alternative Garmin software. Thanks Lee, am loving the new SportTracks programme, especially the route mapping and charts. Ran a nice steady almost 15 this morning for my final long one before Wilmslow. The first stiff 3 miles uphill were harder than I would've liked to work so was very relieved to meet M in Silsden to run the last 9 miles together along the canal. Really enjoyed running in the sun, wearing shorts and shades for the first time this year. Bliss.


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