"Life is not having and getting, but being and becoming".

A bit of a half hearted session today with a few stride reps to turn the legs over within a steady, flat run. Joined M on a nice canal route but peeled off half way and ran 8 x 45s reps with a jog recovery. Not quite sure about the real benefits of this session as still feeling tired. Was glad not to be running a hard track session or too many more miles today.
The massage with Maggie was a timely reminder to take more care of these aging legs. The weird places she finds lumps, knots and niggles never ceases to painfully surprise me. Though the experience is not in the least bit pleasurable I can't recommend a regular sports massage highly enough. I've recently started booking them in once every 3 or 4 weeks and I can't imagine doing without them now. They've been a great way to keep on top of the usual background niggles that seem to be such a feature of running reasonable mileage. Maggie charges very reasonable rates too otherwise I wouldn't feel able to visit her quite so frequently.
Anyway, have been feeling particularly distracted again today by the fantasies of buying a new gadget. I've been oscillating between the excitement and anticipation of having a new D-SLR camera toy to play with and then am dragged back into line by terrible consumer guilt about wasting money on unnecessary things. It must be the Yorkshire in me - I battle to keep her under control but every now and then the monster surfaces. Which side will win...


  1. I spent about a year looking and denying myself a D-SLR, I crumbled as soon as the Canon EOS 1000D hit the shops. I haven't really had the time to do it justice yet, but I think it will see some serious use once summer arrives.

  2. Spooky! I've just been and bought myself the very same camera. What do you think of it? Can't wait to get out and play with it properly-am hoping it'll turn me into Fay Godwin! Are you happy with the model? It seems like such a good price - I got it for £342). Will try not to post too many shots of my initial experiments ;o)

  3. I paid about the same, I got a second battery and a tripod at the same time. I like it, but as I say I really haven't had chance to put it through its paces properly yet. Have you got a flickr account? Best way for sharing photos.

  4. Thanks for the tip. I haven't and was wondering what the best site was for this - have been put off by having to set up yet another account with a different email/password etc for Yahoo to access flickr - is this the best option do you think?

  5. I use BT as my web provider and a yahoo account is part and parcel of that. But I'd have gone with flickr no matter what, I think it's easy to use and has lots of nice features. Most of my blogger friends seem to use it too so you end up commenting on each others pics as well as blogs so it's friendly too.


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