Friday, 20 March 2009

You spin me right round baby right round...

Well, I said I wasn't gonna ease down for this race tomorrow and I didn't but (as always) am now beginning to regret the decision as the day looms. Got out again into the glorious sunshine this morning for a very pleasant, short and easy 3.5, round and round in circles on the grass; a bit like XC really only much more pleasant. It'll be my first XC race where the mental wrangle over race attire; Helly under club vest Vs vest only (with no softy undergarments - proper Yorkshire), will not pose itself and I might even get a proper sweat on without it freezing to my skin and forming icicles in unusual places. Anyway, will just have to run like a nutter and hope my legs can stand it - feeling tired & v. creaky at the moment.

Back to more interesting things, have been a bit naughty and bought myself a fantastic new toy - Canon D-SLR 1000d. God, it's beautiful! And it does some pretty amazing things. My last camera was an ancient Canon AE-1 program (pictured). Have never had digital before and am very taken with the live view screen and the range of manual SLR settings; allowing you to preserve some creativity whilst making the camera accessible to your mates to point and shoot at things when necessary. Anyway, have little time left of my remaining holidays to have a proper play so am gonna go and make the most of this glorious sunshine.


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