Wednesday, 18 March 2009

"Run hard, be strong, think big!"

Lovely sunny day again today- we landed lucky with our choice of time off work these last two weeks. I'm getting far too used to this easy life of running, eating and sleeping and am now beginning to worry about the shock of being back at the office next week. Trying hard to push that to the back of my mind and enjoy the last few days. Ran an old fav again with Tricky for company today; an easy 7ish miles around the Fewston & Swinsty reservoirs. The weather was so beautifully warm and sunny that I might have (or maybe imagined) a small tan line appearing, just to add to the attractive collection from the last time the sun saw my legs.

M was still fresh despite his efforts on the track 24 hours before whereas I was feeling double my age and my trusty HR confirmed this to be the case - HR is a great tool for guiding your judgement on effort and avoiding over-training. Much needed easy days and some more massage are now planned for the next few days. A few brief strides and easy run in the morning before our monthly massage with Maggie and then a short easy run on Friday before the final XC race of the season. It's been a surprising and encouraging XC season for me this year. I'd been hoping at best for a top 10 finish in the Complete Runner XC league this time round with a cautious hope of securing a county vest. It ended with winning the league, a Yorkshire vest & silver team medal. Nevertheless it feels like a long season now and will be glad to put those long and fairly scary spikes to bed for the summer months.

A short post tonight for fear that blogging is putting a strain on my home life - with both of you blogging it comes down to muscle power to dictate who gets on the PC first and my arm wrestling is not my strongest physical attribute - even thinking of a netbook as a compromise solution (any tips or recommendations out there?)... any excuse to check out a new gadget.


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