Sunday, 31 July 2011

All Dressed Up & Nowhere To Go

Okay so here's my news. The new job started. Tomorrow will be the start of week 4. I'm just about starting to remember some names. I can now find my way to work without relying on the Tom Tom and I'm suffering less from face ache caused by my inane smiling at all the new work people. 

The job is great; exciting, challenging. The commute is bearable on good days; a pain the rest of the time. And I'm so tired from it all I can barely sit on the sofa beside M and watch telly beyond the watershed without my head drooping and droolcicles forming at the corner of my mouth. This would all be fine if I was still running to keep me sane. 

After weeks and weeks of slog trying to bounce back from the post marathon break I've only gone and got myself an injury. The kind that's more than a niggle. I've been so fed up I couldn't face blogging, blipping or any constructive activity at all. I seem to have spent most nights (that's the 30 minutes between getting home from work and going to bed) gobbling biscuits and watching trash TV. I'm now chubby and unfit.

I understand from Mike the magician (physio) that it's an Achilles 'sheath' problem. No major rupture just a niggling-won't-go-away thing that has left me bereft. At the time when I really needed mind-emptying, lung-bursting, physical exercise I've instead been forced to sit on the sidelines feeling sorry for myself. Recent world events have forced some perspective taking but I still can't seem to shift the flat, lifeless feeling having spent another sunny weekend with my trainers parked up. So, after three weeks of moping (and limping) I'm writing to report on my whereabouts and to say sorry for being such a fair weather blogger.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

21 Again

I'm back briefly to blogging (hello!) after weeks of winding up an old job and preparing for a new work life. The holiday in the mountains seems light years away, having since smuggled in 4 tidy track sessions and an introduction to drills since then. Ouch, my glutes are still smarting.

But my leaving do last week has allowed some thoughts of the future, including a return to thinking about running and planning ahead. I've been told by an acquaintance at the track that I need a three year plan. He was probably right. My head just hasn't been in my running of late with everything else that's been going on; the Runningbear mojo has been on holiday.

I'd set myself up for another marathon later in the year, Chester maybe. But I'm now beginning to wonder if this is wise, particularly in the first three months of starting a new and challenging job. I've wondered if a focus on building some speed for a good half in the autumn would be better prep for a fast marathon next year. No decisions as yet but I've yet to feel marathon training hungry.
I'm keep my options open for now including a steady 21 on the trails today, a long run in the rain to start burning off some of that Austrian kuchen! This last week finishing off has been hectic, so much so I've still not downloaded the holiday pics. A poor show I know but starting Monday it'll be just one job. I'll be the new girl tomorrow; all shiny shoes and a fresh hair cut. Hope I make some new friends in Manchester. Wish me luck.