Monday, 2 May 2011

Next Steps

It's now three whole weeks since M day and only blissful, unstructured, smell-the-roses kind of running has followed. It's been a perfect post marathon recovery break with endless sunshine, cool breezes and clear days to amble about the Dales in shorts and sunnies with no sessions to worry about or mileage to reach. I've been truly lazy, eaten too much, slept late but am now feeling race hungry and ready to plan my next marathon. 

This last week I've tinkered with training plans, dabbled with race entries and today was my first official day back to proper training. It marks the last of 11 days off work; a blogging and training free few weeks and I'm feeling kind of refreshed, though also a bit spacey at the thought of being back working in an office tomorrow.

I've now a second marathon planned for October with lots of time in between to do all the fun stuff over the summer, kicking off with the postponed treat of the Calderdale Way Relay this weekend. We dared not risk racing without a good recce and this is my first time on Leg 4; a real beauty of a route from Blackshaw Head to Wainstalls. 

The 9 mile run was slow and relaxed and gave plenty of time to admire the magnificent, and lush Calder Valley. Once upon a time this place was home and it felt wonderful to be back running across the sweeping moors with the wind in my pigtails and warm sun on my legs. It was a pure delight filled with nuggets of teenage nostalgia. 

This week also sees a return to the much loved Harrogate League; a summer race series starting this Thursday. The race diary is brimming with summer race delights; I'm just not sure when I'll fit all the marathon training in.


Simon Anderson said...

Well rested.

I did the 3 Peaks for a laugh. No laughing matter I can assure you.

Is that bottom shot the moor fires at Wainstalls?

Julie said...

Hi Sarah,
You are such a gifted writer! All of my English blogger friends have such a flair and zest for writing beautiful blog posts. I love how you write about the wind in your pigtails and warm sun on your legs. Totally makes me smile:)

Good luck with figuring out this year's racing schedule! You are going to have a fantastic year...I just know it!

Take care Sarah! Hugs to you!

Runningbear said...

Hi Simon, yes moor fires had been raging when we got to the finish at Wainstalls. Not sure how badly they spread but rumours are they could affect the CWR this weekend. Hope not.

Well done for getting round HRL in one piece after 3 peaks!

Hi Julie, what very generous comments, and from such a great blogger! Thanks for dropping by and well doen on your return to racing. Will look forward to hearing more on your summer racing antics.

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