Thursday, 14 April 2011


I'm famous, (well sort of)! At least amongst the select few who thumb the Ilkley Gazette & Observer each Thursday. Another one for the scrap book, (I don't photograph well).

I'm back on my running feet and feeling suprisingly niggle free since Sunday's efforts. A day off from running on Monday has been followed by light and easy running to get the legs turning over. It's been lovely to have no targets, sessions or mileage to hit; just plain, easy, blissful running for a couple of weeks at least.  It's shorts and sunnies time and I'm properly enjoying it. 

More importantly, best wishes to fellow bloggers and running mates  out there who are taking on London this Sunday. I can't wait to hear news of all that winter training paying off. We're gonna see some fine times this year I know it. Go for it guys, do some damage to those PBs!


Terry Lonergan said...

There is a 1/4 page pic of you in A.W. Sarah to compensate for none in the Gazette. Good to read that you are feeling OK. Enjoy your recovery; don't repeat my mistake of racing too soon. Take care! T.L.

ultra collie said...

you're very manly in that shot!! ;)

Hayfella said...

Just back from a week in Spain to read of your great win. Fabulous! Really well done. Not easy in the heat and being on your tod for chunks of it. Inspirational stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
Sorry you got saddled with my photo. Not a bad one of me - my Mum liked it!
Good effort at Loch Ness.
Matt Podd

Anonymous said...

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