Monday, 4 April 2011

Toe Tapping and Taper Trials

It's been a long and foot-tappingly frustrating week. Last week's feelings of triumph at finishing the last of my long runs has quickly faded; I've been at a loss for what to with myself in the absence of any major miles. The training has dropped to mid 50s and with it my double helpings of puddings. (I'm trying to avoid developing more cuddly bits than I really need in time for M day). 

To pass the time at the weekend I escaped the house and meandered around the village pointing my new toy at random, twee things. The legs are not full of the expected spring and I'm generally experiencing a parade of niggles. I'm really not keen on this taper lark. But yes, I know... it'll do me good. 


Steve said...

This is what the (photographic) world has been waiting for.
Was the grass really quite as green as that 'in camera'
One week behind you on the old marathon prep plan.

Mark H said...

Hi Sarah.
It's called taper madness , and it's your first taste of it.

Just think , this time next week it will all be over :)

Well done at Thirsk btw.

Antony Bradford said...

Keep tapping the toes and happy snapping - just avoid anything too energetic. It's natural for self doubt to creep in and niggles to surface. You should be bounding with energy as race day nears and just try not to be tempted to waste it. You will feel like a lost sheep until race day without your regular running routine.

Most of all good luck for next week.

Derby Tup said...

I can't say that I recognise the clothes pegs but I used to live at the top of the steps on the fourth picture. Take it easy during the rest of your taper and good luck with the marathon!!

ultra collie said...

nearly there sarah..nearly there

Terry Lonergan said...

Just to wish you all the very best for Lochabar, Sarah. In your preparation you have given the event the respect it deserves; now reap your rewards!
Have a great weekend! T.

Mr.K. said...

Good luck for Sunday RB

Old Runningfox. said...

Here's wishing you all the best for Sunday's race Sarah. I'll be thinking about you and willing you on as I plod along by the Wharfe.
Good luck!

Hayfella said...

Not only do you have fast legs, but, looking at your superb shots, you've got a great eye as well. I'd like to add my best wishes to the list here. I'll be thinking of you as I'm wielding a watercolour brush in Spain.

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