Saturday, 9 April 2011

Appreciation & Apprehension

I just had to blog to make lugging this flippin' thing all this way worth the effort. Our B&B has free Wi-Fi so I can settle my nerves with a wee bit of blog fiddling and try to distract myself from anxious pre-race thoughts...I'm now feeling all sicky and nervous; not a great state when trying to eat and adequately fuel oneself for the big day

After a glorious journey through breathtaking scenery we arrived in Fort William just in time for a spot of lunch at the Nevisport Cafe. They had my favourite cake (ginerbread loaf!) which has to be an omen. The sun is shining, with just a gentle breeze rippling over the loch waters; a hypnotic sight that makes me think of this tune. We've just had an amble over across to registration; a wonderfully low key affair. I'm number 119. Eeek!

M did the driving up from Glasgow as I snapped away through the car window at endless vistas of rugged mountains and mirror lakes. This place is incredibly beautiful and I'm totally smitten. The weekend has been finely topped off by a load of good wishes from loads of folks posted via my blog, email and text; all wishing me well for the big day. Thanks very much to all of you for your kind messages; I'll try and not disappoint you tomorrow. Most of all I hope I'm gonna get round whilst mostly enjoying myself. Apols for the blurry  through-the-car-window shots, hope you still get a flavour...


  1. Great photos, I have an identical set that my wife took whilst I was driving to the Ben Nevis fell race 2 years ago. She also tried to tell me that Jimmy Saville lived in that white crofters cottage.....
    Good luck with your race.

  2. black rock cottage is mine...well not yet but it will be sometime...speedy vibes being sent :)

  3. the verification word was 'keglaggi'..sounds very scottish..and food-like :)