Friday, 11 March 2011


A truly gorgeous day today. After another frantic week at work there's been little opportunity for catching those sunny rays I keep spotting through the office window. Today was the exception with a chance to pop out for a lunchtime run. The off road adventure was blissfully warm and breezy with clear and perfectly cloudy views of Wharfedale. The sheep seemed happy with the weather too.

I also sneaked another race on Sunday, the Trimpell 20 for a bit more marathon paced training. The run felt easy and perfectly pleasant until mile 18 when the gels played havoc with my tummy. I was lucky to make it to the finish with the contents of my tummy still in the right place. It really is a lovely race, with beautiful scenery of the Lune Valley but the very pricey entry (£22) was marred by the most dismal prize I've ever received for winning a race. First lady saw me with 2 x £10 vouchers for 'Lancaster Races in 2011'! And with only 9 months left of the year too. And I didn't even make my entry fee back. Is it me or is that really stingy?


Terry Lonergan said...

No, you do right to write about your prize, Sarah. An absolute scandal, particularly as the race is organised by an experienced runner on behalf of a bona fide running club.
With a £22 entry fee they are obviously using the race as fund raising or have extraordinary race expenditure.

Mark H said...

Hi Sarah.
Well done again.
I love this race but as you and Terry say , what a rip off , compared to the likes of Spen 20 which I beleive is less than half the price to enter.

Hopefully you'll get a better prize at Lochaber to reward all your training.

Antony Bradford said...

It does seem stingy on a £22 entry fee, particularly if it's outside your plans to do these other races. An experienced runner should know that prizes do matter to some people and to win a race outright takes some doing. Behind that result is often weeks of dedicated training where you are sometimes pushed to the limit making lifestyle sacrifices along the way.

Good luck with your next race and hopefully a better prize - maybe Complete Runner vouchers?

ultra collie said...

look at you..popping in another win! well done

can't comment re prizemoney as i've never been close to it!! but yes you're right as the cost to them is zero

AMcD said...

Terrific Run
Our guys also thought the prizes far too.. lets say 'modest'!!

Steve said...

Think of your prize as my entry fee from 2010 when I entered but couldn't run.
If you like you could even reimburse me!

kate said...

at strathpuffer this year my prize for 1st singlespeed lady was a paper plate with '1st singlespeed lady' scrawled on it with black marker pen. it's in pride of place on the mantle piece...on the back was written can be exchanged for vouchers at the local bike shop ;) but, yes, 2x£10 does seem a bit thoughtless for want of a better word. well done by the way!

Hayfella said...

Well done rb! Like uc, I don't trouble the prize-givers, but not only was it pretty stingy it was thoughtless too. Mind you, it's even more of a rip-off for us humble mortals who pay our 22 quid and get naff-all because we've NOT won the blessed thing! Gorgeous shots too btw. Proper running country, that.

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