Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Last Long One

So, I'm back. Hello from me, your fair weather blogger. But there's been far too much to do at work and many miles to run in preparation for M day. And now there's only 18 days to go!

Training over the last few weeks has been patchy, with initial injury worries following the Bramley 20M and then last week a rather doddery me had a very sore ITB. I was left wondering whether I'd gone and messed it all up again. Anyway, after several days spent rollering around on the carpet; biting my fists to stifle my screams (from the eye watering pain of ITB massage), I've now enjoyed a week of niggle free running. I'm now nearing the end of the serious training, finishing with a couple of solid long runs.

I can officially say it was my last long one tonight; a mid week 20 miler with a few miles at tempo thrown in. It was the perfect end to what has been less than perfect marathon prep; a clear, cool and calm evening where the running felt easy, especially for a school night.
This final week of high mileage ends with a good quality threshold run at the Thirsk 10M on Sunday. I'll no doubt be tired from this last heavy week but I'm ready for a bit of a blow out after all the marathon paced running. Then it's two weeks of chilled, relaxed running leading up to the trip to Fort William for M day. I'm getting all excited now it's nearly here.  And then there's all that summer running to come after, with all those lovely summer races...Burnsall 10... Wharfedale HM... Otley 10... I can't wait.


kate said...

enjoy your injury free taper :)

jumbly said...

Here's to niggle free running. Enjoy the taper and good luck for M day.

Runningbear said...

Thank you! Leggies are feeling much better though am daunted by a 10M race tomorrow, seems far too short!! :)

Will find myself getting sucked into that ultra nonsense if I'm not careful..

ultra collie said...

didn't realise its lochaber you're doing!
you'll be great. better than i was there.
take care now..its all in the oven so to speak.

ultra collie said...

my verification word was 'matee' btw..nice :)

Mr.K. said...

"...ultra nonsense..." :O

Well done for the 10 mile win & M`s super fast time.

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