Saturday, 5 February 2011


This is a quicky just in case I was presumed dead or missing in action...It's been a long old slog this last two weeks, great training, lots of miles but work has been draining what little life I've had and I'm counting down the two weeks until our next break. The miles have been coming along nicely with a cool  and round 90 clocked last week and some  emphasis on threshold work for the countdown to Lochaber. 

Tomorrow is Dewsbury 10k, not for me but for Mr RB. He's out for a 'time trial' to check the  training is on track for the key race in two weeks time; the Bramley 10M. As for me, I'll be doing the 20 miler the same day. I still wake up with night sweats wondering how I'll ever manage to race the full distance. Somehow I did it last year so I'm hoping I'll squeeze something near target pace out this time round. A long one tomorrow with an interesting tempo mix thrown in. Jack Daniels has some great ideas for livening up the long run. Wish me luck.


Steve said...

Wishing you luck

ultra collie said...

wow you really are clocking up the big numbers..ever closer to the dark side ;-)

kate said...

hope it's still going well :)

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