Monday, 20 September 2010

New Adventures of a Gym Bunny

After feeling even more useless at running after a physio visit on Friday I'm conceding defeat. I've joined a gym. Though the physio seems to think I can run, I plainly can't. Not without wincing or gritting my teeth and limping. So, no running allowed for a bit, at least until I get a second opinion on the problem. 

A trip to the local leisure centre was my fix today; the start of a gym membership. Get me!  I'm a gym bunny. I went for my first 'spinning' class. A strange combination of pedalling very fast then standing up a bit, whilst peddling to thumpin' tunes; it was like Ibiza on a bike.

The spin was swiftly followed by a spot of splashing about in the pool, complete with views of a giant blue tube, (water slide sadly closed for maintenance). Though the heart rate didn't get very high, the legs felt like they worked a bit without any pain in the wrong places. It's good to feel tired after days of inactivity. Keighley leisure centre rocks.


  1. well done for getting motivated enough to cross train.
    Ive been on one bike ride and one fell walk in the last 10 days - bye bye fitness

  2. mmm, bike fit doesn't translate to run fit, but it helps mentally and makes coming back easier.

  3. Yes, not sure what the best thing is to do to keep fitness and I guess I've gotta hope it's not for too long.
    My aqua vest arrived with the post lady this morning. I might attempt an intervals session in the water tonight.. should be interesting.

  4. wow, i can't believe you didn't find spinning tough!

  5. Never mind the aqua vest, you now need a stack of glossy magazines, designer track suit and matching water bottle.

    Seriously though, if you get the chance to try the pilates sessions they seem to be really good for conditioning and improvements to running form. They are also very similar to exercises that some physios suggest. You are effectively getting a cheap physio session with these and they are usually included in most gym memberships.