Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Strain Pain

Day 2. 19.16 pm. I've spent a second day dragging my left leg around behind me as I tried to climb the work stairs or hurry to avoid being squashed whilst crossing the road. A rather sore and achey spot on my left calf has now evolved into a deep, hard and very sore lump. M's just worked a bit of massage magic on me but there's a residual lump of pure pain that's not just tightness but more likely to be a tear. $@#%! I'm RICE'ing as I type.

It could be just a day or two of rest and I'm hoping I can get back to some gambolling about by the weekend though I'll have to monitor the lump closely. It's really flippin' painful and I'm so annoyed with myself now for racing last Saturday. It's Burnsall this week for $@#%'s sake! I knew it was risky, so why did I do it!? 

Runners; they never flippin' learn.


Mark H said...

Tell me about it :-(

Runningbear said...

Hey you, where ya been? What you up to? Email me!! Sounds like you're a poorly soldier too..?

Antony Bradford said...

Hope you get it sorted and it's not too bad.

Julie said...

Take care of yourself Sarah! Hopefully you will recover soon and be back at it again!

Hayfella said...

So sorry to read of your tweak. Could ultrasound be helpful? It worked when I had a calf problem a few years ago. Hope your recovery is speedy.

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