Saturday, 21 August 2010

Burnsall 10M 2010

We spent a long and wonderful afternoon immersed in village life at the Burnsall Feast Sports. A traditional Yorkshire Fete with a road race, a fell race and a Wicker Man! With a slightly gammy left leg I couldn't race this favourite of mine. So I looked on, confined to the sidelines with camera in hand. I longed to be in the picture instead but happily watched some great runs unfold; M ran strong despite feeling terrible and took nearly a minute and a half off his time from last year. Our local star Runningfox was his inspiring self and seemed to be as fresh as ever during a post race chat. More race news to follow. 

P.s. Spot the dog...


Julie said...

Hi Sarah,
I am sorrry to hear about your sore leg. It was probably best that you sat this one out and give your injury time to mend:) I really like the 10 mile distance too.

You took some beautiful pictures of the English country side! Your area of the world is stunning! It looks so peacful and untouched:)

BTW, I was looking at Runningfox's blog and see that you won a recent race...congrats on a fantastic finish! I love the picture that he posted! Your hair looks adorable and you look happy:) Take care and have a wonderful week!

ultra collie said...

dogs know best!!

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Hayfella said...

I know that feeling of helplessness well. I was in Kendal the other day, shopping, when a group of runners went past, all bouncy and chatty. I felt really jealous! I looked so wistfully after them that Mrs HF told me to snap out of it!
I hope you get better soon. I'm walking fast on a treadmill now; hopefully running won't be far away when I too shall bimble around a field. Chin up.

Runningbear said...

Thanks Julie, kind and generous words as always - I'm on the road to recovery after a copule of runs this week.

Hi Hayfella, good to hear you're making your way back to it and hope you're running soon. It's hard not to take it all for granted when you can run. I'm feeling pretty cheerful really and have managed to get going though still pretty stiff in the wrong places! Looking forward to reading about a resumption of your smiley ratings and running adventures.

zbsports said...

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