Thursday, 15 April 2010

Almost Lurgy Free

Work is hotting up and I'm really getting my teeth into things. I'd go as far as to say I'm really liking the new job. I must remind myself of this post next time I moan. Unfortunately, the hotting up also includes much increased general busyness, including too little time for blogging or ruminating on all things running. Another upside is that the lurgy is passing and the nostrils are recovering from the constant blowing and sandpaper-like scratchy soreness from excessive nose wiping. I'm on the mend readers. Yay.
This week's been tough still despite the sniffles, including a long and windy 15 miles with threshold sandwich on Tuesday and then double runs both these last two days. Nothing too tough planned now until Sunday. A massage tomorrow should see me good as new and ready to run hard again on Sunday, this time for the Edinburgh half marathon. I'm ashamed to say this will be first trip across the border and very excited I am too. I might check out the legend of the deep fried Mars, to fully immerse myself in the culture you understand.


ultra collie said...

hey hope you have fun (and success) in edinburgh though im sure they dont do deep fried mars bars there..too posh

kate said...

i'm uc with regards the fried mars bar but you might get it with a whiskey jus ;)

have an excellent run!

Julie said...

Hi Sarah,
I am glad that you are liking your new job. Sometimes it just takes a little time to get used to things. Good luck to you on your half marathon:) Good Lord, your PB for a half marathon is 76:56...are you really human? Alright...what is the secret to running like you? Take care RB:)

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