Sunday, 11 April 2010

Fluffy Ducks

I saw my first batch of little ducks this morning as I was preparing myself for the Sunday long one. All cute and fluffy they were as they bobbed about on the canal chasing the dappled sunlight.
A drop off from M at Silsden kicked off my long run, taking in the canal towpath all the way to Shipley before turning left up to Hollins Hill for the slog back up the hillside. 23 miles in total was the plan though at a slighter easier pace to allow for the week's fatigued feeling and the continued slime that seems to be filling my head and oozing from each nostril (sorry). The morning was gorgeous; cool, sunny and slightly breezy. I'd expected to struggle a bit after running the time trial yesterday and the legs did start to seize up a bit after mile 19. I pressed on, reminding myself of the need to win any mental battles in training if I was hoping for a good time in the marathon. I got home eager to check on any news from today's marathon races; the Brooms had planned to run at Taunton and a few ex club mates made the trip to Blackpool . Nothing posted yet, the suspense is killing me...


kate said...

rhyming slang ;)

keep going, like you say you need to get through the tough bits in training. so that's on head battle won :)

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