Tuesday, 3 November 2009

A Room With A View

A return to office working has been a shock, most of all because of the sudden shift to darkness well before home time. After gazing longingly out of my office window at the clear blue, dusky Leeds view this afternoon I was rather peeved to have to run to the train through a downpour that then had the nerve to follow me to the track tonight.

Fearing the whopper Sunday run would have taken the best out of these old pins I started out tentatively, with 5x1m reps planned though I was unsure if I’d get that far. The track was one large icy puddle and splashing my way around against the inevitable Lancashire gusts led to a pair of very cold and trembly legs. Despite the splish-sploshing I managed to trot out an even pace and shortened the recoveries to shift the emphasis to endurance; the lack of speed & zip was evidence of my tiredness from the long run at the weekend. By #4 I was feeling okay and so I pressed on (with a very determined scowl hidden under my rather fetching rain bonnet) to complete rep #5. The torrential downpours punctuating the laps left me pretty soaked but I was glad to have stuck it out and it felt good to have seen the plan through.

A final highlight to the day was a new arrival to the blogging community. Mr Complete Runner is now a fellow blogger. A veteran of the running world and mentor to many a talented local runner over the years, this site should make for some interesting reading. Check it out


kate said...

luckily there are very few windows in my work-i didn't realise there was a monsoon outside until left this evening. like a drowned rat by the time i got home!

Runningbear said...

No windows means no temptations to run away :)

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