Saturday, 7 November 2009

Buns Of Steel

Well readers. I think I'm in danger of having to eat my words. After Thursday night's session I was feeling pretty complacent about this drills thing. The session wasn't remotely lung bursting and though I knew my legs were working, I was feeling pretty happy with myself. Little old self satisfied me. Ha. Then on Friday I noticed a bit of fatigue in the quads climbing the stairs and as the day wore on a slight achiness in the derriere. Well OMG. I can now hardly move. I feel like I've been put through a mincer, reformed into a person shape and then pounded with a granite rolling pin from my glutes down. I can barely sit without extreme a**e ache. I haven't suffered so much since the proper mashing of my quads during my last mountain marathon 2 years ago (and that was following several miles of bone rattling descents where I had to walk downstairs backwards for a week). I'm well and truly experiencing the effects of a tough workout, however much I thought I was taking it easy.
The extreme DOMS made for a difficult session at the track today. I'd planned some 400m intervals but I just couldn't do it. I was beaten. Instead I stuck with M and ran 8 easy laps with some 100m strides on the straights. I've sort of loosened up some patches but I can still hardly sit and I'm running long tomorrow. This drills business is not to be underestimated. Do not try this at home kids.


Anonymous said...

Sarah, That made me laugh so much - so you are human after all! Good to see great runners suffer the same things as me from time to time. Well done on actually getting to the track. See you soon. Tricky.

Runningbear said...

Glad my misfortune keeps you entertained :D
Hope the knee is improving. Take care.

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