Sunday, 8 November 2009


Okay, so now I'm very bored of the rain. Since last Sunday, every time I have stepped out of the house in my trainers it has literally p****d it down. What's going on? Yesterday I woke up to blue skies, a fine clear day, not even a sign of a cloud. Not even a wisp. I jumped in the car and 10 minutes outside Nelson, guess what... the start of a downpour and plenty of rain to keep me company on the run.
This morning, I was up early, ready with a porridge filled tummy, settled enough to contemplate getting started. I hobbled out to the car to start the drive over to Bingley for a long one on the canal. Nice and sunny it was. Then wham! Its chuckin' buckets right in time for my first mile. I think I'm being punished for all the nice clear, cool weather we had last winter. I remember I kept thinking how lucky we'd been to have so few wet and windy nights to run through. I seem to be paying for it all in one week. Some freaky kind of weather karma. What did I do? Needless to say today's run was no treat. My legs were mashed and the adjustment to a 16 miler to give myself a bit of a break was still no easy task. I was daft enough to try some tempo efforts along the way and I felt about 150 years old today. The legs are still very annoyed with me for Thursday. I will definitely not do that again. Long run done, the Runningbear is dried off ready for her Sunday tea, telly and lots of sleep. Hopefully a better week to come.


kate said...

it's only proper training when it's tough-or something like that ;)

Mark H said...

Hi Sarah.
I've been out 6 times this week and not got wet once.I only live in Leeds , so not too far away from you.
I guess it's just the luck of the draw.

There's one thing you've realised.Running is a very difficult sport if you want to move on from the initial improvements.
So , when it all goes right on the day , cherish it for all it's worth , because the pb's become increasingly difficult to acheive , as I'm finding out myself.

Stick at it though cos I'm sure you'll find that extra 5% from somewhere (probably when you least expect it!)

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