Thursday, 24 September 2009

Relay Recce

A bit of a funny one tonight. I was a bit stuck for what to do training wise, having intended to run a long one but then feeling I should ease off a bit for the team event on Saturday. But then half of the ladies team have dropped out and I'm wondering why I've been worried at all. I compromised a bit by inviting myself to join M's run tonight - a 10 miler to Ilkley and back taking in this Sunday's Yorkshire Vets Road Relay Champs route to help M prepare for his star turn.
The run felt a bit of a killer, both of us tired from the track on Tuesday and then taking in the relay course, a 3 mile triangle of hilly hell in the middle. I opted out of this team event thinking 2 days racing in a row was asking for trouble and boy am I relieved. The course is the same as the loop for the Ilkley Triathlon run and bike stages, a fast and flat first mile, a straight vertical climb for mile 2 and then a straight vertical descent for the final mile. This is not a route for the meek or more fragile veteran runner me thinks. I'm just hoping all wrinkly mates survive the hamstring snapping final descent on Sunday. No fear though, I'll be there as professional coat holder, coffee & cake monitor and poised with my trainee masseur super-hands ready for business


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