Thursday, 24 September 2009


Hello everyone, had to post as I'm gonna burst with excitement. Just had a chat with an England Athletics man... I've gonna have a proper England vest! Yes. A real one. A HM race in two weeks time. Still not sure if I'm dreaming but am pinching myself and I'm definitely awake. M keeps reassuring me its all real. Woohoo!


  1. Many congrats !
    You must be buzzing.
    I've often fancied doing Toronto myself.
    Looks a good place to visit.

    I presume it's all expenses paid ?

  2. I wish, its not in Toronto - the man that I spoke to is with the GB squad for the marathon there this week. I'll be running in Warrington for the English HM. Not quite so exciting travelling wise but exciting enough for me! : )

  3. We'll all be queueing for autographs on Saturday at the Northerns. Really well done!

  4. wow! well done, you must be needing a new wardrobe soon to fit all these vests in ;)

  5. Toronto will have to wait till next year then :)

  6. Thanks guys, it's not properly sunk in yet, I keep thinking he's gonna ring back and say its all a big mistake. I'm really excited and just hope I can run well on the day when it counts.

    My training plans are going to pot though - hope that doesn't sound like too much of a complaint! Rb.