Thursday, 10 September 2009

One Big Knot

This week has been something of a demented haze, scurrying around to meet unrealistic deadlines. Bidding for government funds can only be likened to hours and hours of unravelling a massively knotty ball of string. I'm not quite sure how we did it all but it got sent off into electronic oblivion tonight though this may be some kind of caffeine induced delusion. Why does all this stuff seems to land at the same time? With massage courses to get started, ugly uniforms to be purchased and half marathons to train for, this poor little blog has been a bit neglected.
A bit of a breather for the next couple of weeks is now due as normal service resumes at the office. This week has been easy peasy training-wise as I'm avoiding taking too much out of the tank for the race this weekend. On the other hand I'm not feeling the bounce & zip I would have hoped for after two weeks easing down though M sharply reminded me that this is what I always say (moaning me off on one again). So, I'll not read too much into it and instead try to rehearse a strong and confident run in my mind's eye. I managed to squeeze a few strides into my easy 6m tonight - am getting used to my spikes for the too numerous to mention XC races planned up to Xmas. I think I'm down to race 12 out of the next 16 weeks but will have to train through most of these or I'll get no training done at all. If I manage to avoid injury I'll be one hell of a fit yorkshire lass for the New Year.


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