Saturday, 12 September 2009

Championship Countdown

Its good to be through this last week of work and get my head into something else, its been a bit too full on and work just seems to be getting to both of us at the moment. A less than relaxing but no doubt enjoyable weekend ahead. I'm making good ground already with fuelling for my race tomorrow, the inter regional HM champs at Nottingham. I'm due to set off in a couple of hours to travel down with a a couple of the regional squad members and then a team dinner is planned tonight. I'll be making the most of the carbo loading before a sound night's sleep in the hotel. M will be staying at home all alone to race the Yorkshire HM; a race we'd both entered and had been looking forward to. M will be towing the sizeable trophy back for someone else to win this year and I'm a bit sad it won't be me. Anyway I can't grumble except that I'll be missing out on the post race cake table - am hoping M remembers to bring me some of those leftovers.

Anyway, I'm trying to focus, stay positive and not get too stressed about this unexpected development. I'll be racing in the Yorkshire & Humberside team which will be fine and I'll be in very experienced company with Ian Fisher and Darran Bilton as fellow team mates. Though I've not really prepared myself for this race I think I'm in reasonable shape and so hope to run a confident race - an estimation of a time is tough as its been a while since I've done anything flat on the road. If I can match my best HM time this year I'll be happy and I'm not sure what the course is like. The hard work is still to come and hopefully tomorrow will provide me with the baseline measure of what I've got to do. A demain.


kate said...

enjoy the carb loading and have a great run. i've every faith in you-no pressure ;)

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