Sunday, 6 September 2009

Fungi Foraging

Felt truly autumnal today with a spell of fungi foraging in the woods. We picked at least 18 varieties and quite a few more we have no idea about. This foraging lark is a dodgy business with the risk of a long slow death or a very colourful & surreal evening by the look of some of the little 'uns. I might just stick to the uniformly beige looking selection at Tesco. Did you know there was a jelly baby variety!? Don't taste as good as the real thing though. Anyway, it turned out to be a fine afternoon for a bit of Sunday afternoon fresh air, working up an appetite and pondering the start of training next week.
This easing off seems to tire me out. I've felt a bit achy and niggly in my legs these last two weeks - it just can't be good for you. Here's hoping its just the body complaining that it wants to get back into action. A pretty tame first week back is planned now with the team event at the weekend. It wouldn't do to be worn out now would it...


kate said...

wot, no magic ones there ;)

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