Saturday, 5 September 2009

The Final Countdown

Its nearly time. Yikes... I've been chomping at the bit for this ease down to be over but now its finally sinking in that all that racing I've planned is just around the corner. I'm almost at it every week until Xmas with the odd week off and much of that without an ease off from full training. If all goes well I'll be superfit for Ribble 10k, hopefully to dip comfortably under the 35min mark and kick off my approach to marathon training in the New Year. Will keep listening to these old legs though and back off if it all gets a bit much.
Also celebrated the start of Autumn today with great running mates, including one very brave & poorly soldier, from the club. We retraced our steps around the mud from last week; 12x1 mins following a fave XC course circuit. After M's near lobotomy (a freak car key accident up the nose), we drank too much coffee again and enjoyed lots of nice chat before home and attacking the spikes with the scrubbing brush. They've waited far too long for a good clean up. I'd forgotten they had pink bits!


kate said...

lobotomy!! needs more explanation. sounds like the sort of story i used to hear at a&e, "i was just do the hoovering and slipped...", yeh, right everyone does the housework naked ;)

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