Saturday, 19 September 2009

Frankenstein Pizza

A few tough days are finding out this fair weather blogger. The working to pay for stuff lark is also demanding more than its fair share of Runningbear's time. So, what a relief to be weekending and with that a return to some some proper training and track work. The running week has been a cautious and steady one after the HM race last weekend. I still remember what happened to my legs the last time I attempted hills reps after only four days recovery. M-A-S-H-E-D.
So, lots of easy and steady runs until a trip to Seedhill track this morning for a half session to inject some speed for the large number of short and scary races coming up, starting with the Northern Road Relays next weekend. M & I planned 8x400m efforts with 45s recovery, sandwiched between an easy paced jog around the local park. The reps were pleasingly a bit faster than a month ago. I'm keen to maintain the track work in the coming months as it serves as such a reliable measure of fitness, both endurance and speed and is one of the few objective ways of gauging development.
So, I feel I've earned a slap up treat tonight and have been kneading my way through some home-made pizza dough this afternoon. Not only that but I'm going for a deluxe stuffed crust to please M's cheesy tastebuds. This is purely a home-made experimental effort so is likely to come out as some terrible mess in the oven. Anyway, toppings will include; tomato sauce, lots of meat for M, spinach, mozzarella, Portabello mushrooms and a lovely eggie on top. Mmm. Am droolling at the thought as I type. Great fuel for tomorrow's return to the long Sunday run in what feels like yonks. Will be thinking of our mates Tricky & Kevin O at the Sutton 6 - go get 'em boys ;]


Anonymous said...

Pizza sounds great! I am also experimenting with home made go quick soup - I'll let you know if it works tomorrow. Thanks for the good luck wishes.

jumbly said...

That looks so yummy!

kate said...

almost full marks. particularly as you have included egg. but you're let down by the lack of chili. could do better ;)

ultra collie said...

save us a slice !

Runningbear said...

None left guys :(
It was yummy but also very big, had hoped M might leave some cold virtual pizza left overs for you all but it was too good straight from the oven. Will bake more next time ;)

Chili would have been a nice touch - will aim for that A+. RB

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