Saturday, 11 July 2009

Running Machine

Skipped a blog post last night after feeling a bit Friday-night-reckless. I managed to overcome the tummy bug no problem and suspect it was a Choco-Softie hang over. We popped over to the hockey pitches last night only to find lots of matches on so I squeezed in 12x100m strides on the small grass track. The session felt OK though I was lacking a bit of spring; I'm still aware of the lack of speed in my legs and seem to be running very flat footed at the moment. Will have to be patient and trust that the speed will be back by the end of the Summer.
I kept M company at Nelson track this morning and watched him thrash out 10x600m efforts. I was sunning myself on the sidelines as any girl should after running a few easy miles around the park and some half hearted stretching of my knotty old calves. I looked quite at home, sat on the trackside with my cardy for comfort, my coffee flask and a copy of AW for company. Have just watched a well deserved win by our local gal, Charlene Thomas on the telly. She was over the moon to have qualified for the Worlds in Berlin. It was a nice moment to see the Yorkshire lass out kick the Twell machine. Go girl!


ultra collie said...

hey rb..saw your name in fellrunner! what with knowing you (virtually) and my mate kate bailey im in top running company..if only as an imposter ;)

Runningbear said...

Thanks for the tip off UC, hadn't spotted the write up - will make sure I don't take the wrong turn next year. Your mate Kate's run was v impressive - training with her will be good for your running health. Hope you're well.

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