Thursday, 9 July 2009

Pretty Ugly Bugs

Thought this was a startlingly beautiful pic of the bad bug that has upset my tummy tonight. Had planned to run a good steady 8 on the road and get the legs moving a bit quicker for Sunday when a rather unnerving cramping feeling changed those plans pretty swiftly. I set out from home feeling a bit under the weather but stayed with the plan, running along the quiet country roads out to Ilkley. Fortunately for me there were plenty of bushes and gaps in the trees when it all became a bit too much. The run was rather interrupted and only managed to do 7 at a fairly pedestrian pace. I suspect the panicked stops for relief did little to add to the training effect tonight. Must be something I ate. So, speed work tomorrow all being well.


Antony Bradford said...

Gosh, thats some lens you have got on your camera!
It's not the start of Bear flu is it?
Hope you recover soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks about comment on Burn Valley Sarah. A firm possibilty is Kilburn 7 on Sunday. Harrogate 10k? end of month. Dreaded 3km next Thursday with club and Washburn relay day after....not much really!
Hope you're feeling better so I can see you out at some up and coming events soon.

ultra collie said...

poor you. it wasn't caused by too many choco softies the night before was it?
belated well done on your relay by the way!

kate said...

probably not enough softies ;)

Runningbear said...

Hi AB, yes great camera but the pic was life size!

Hi Bondbug, see you at Washburn I hope. We're running in a work team again I think.

Thanks UC & Kate - choco softies may have been the culprit. Will have a bit of a detox, at least until tomorrow ;>

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