Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Track Trials

Had been feeling a building anxiety about this first step out onto the track after so many weeks of feeling rubbish and laying off the VO2 work. There was a mounting pressure to feel better, run faster or at least finish a full VO2 session after the experiences of recent weeks. I was down for 6x1k's tonight but my squeaky but sensible inner running voice was saying this might be a bit heavy for my first week back; particularly following on from hill hell on Friday night and then a hilly HM run on Sunday.
I set out with the best intentions and decided to pace the efforts cautiously. Last time I did this session I ran 6 reps at 3.25-3.27 pace. Tonight I ran the first couple in 3.28 and 3.27 but then started to slow; finishing reps 3 & 4 in 3.30 & 3.35. I decided to call it a day after starting rep #5 and feeling dog tired. My heart rate chart nicely captures me fizzling out on rep #5. My mood dropped to the floor on the warm down; I just can't seem to get going and am painfully aware of how sluggish I feel; I can't believe I've lost so much of the strength and speed I had despite only having 3 weeks down time. I'm trying hard not to read too much into this and remind myself that 1) have had a heavy few days and am still not quite recovered, 2) I should ease back into track work haven't got out of the swing, 3) I'm such a drama queen and it's probably not anywhere near as bad as it seems. I'll endeavour not to get too fixated on the gaping chasm (more dramatic effect) in my comparative times and just try and accept that I need to get some serious work in over the next few weeks.
These quality sessions have been seriously lacking in the last month or so and they are the bit that really counts in strength and speed building. Have now to decide what races to prioritise in the coming weeks. Part of me wants to just get some great training under my belt before I take the plunge again and build some of my old RB confidence back. Food for thought.


Anonymous said...

In my handy running almanac it says for 3 weeks out you'll need 6 weeks to recover your fitness! Stick with it you'll soon be doing sub 35 10k's! Good luck. Tricky

ultra collie said...

in my humble opinion, i wouldn't beat yourself up about it. you seem to know why. and besides, whats a few seconds between friends? it'll all come good. just keep at it :)
ps theyre ideal rep lengths for a marathon..are you doing secret training per chance ;)

Antony Bradford said...

Take it easy,speed work should always be done within your own fitness tolerance anyway. The last rep should be a similar pace to the first one. It might seem like your not working hard enough at first, but you will get more benefit from your session if you do this. You should also be fully recovered and be able to do another speed session within 48 hours.

Hope this is helpful.

Gary Dunn said...

You should focus on training to get back where you were and then beyond that. Take this track session as your starting point with the aim in the following weeks to get faster slowly but surely. That way you will always feel better after each session as you see your improvements.
Please put some more cheerful blog posts back on, I do miss them happy cake days.

Runningbear said...

Thanks guys, I know it'll come and I guess I know what I've got to do. It's just so flippin' annoying that I've lost it despite avoiding injury so well. Sorry to be such a miserable moaner.

Will try and cheer up and bring back some cake action for you all ; )

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