Thursday, 7 May 2009

Getting Back To My Routes

Returned to one of my fave summer runs tonight. Had a godawful day at work which I've had to bite my fist on the train journey home just to try and forget, (all my projects seem to be needing urgent attention at the very same time, the world's gone mad). What a wonder it was then to spring out of the front door, with my new, gleaming custard coloured trail shoes for the lovely 'n' lush Lob Wood 5. Ran with M again; have so missed his running company in recent weeks. We both ambled up hilll and down dale admiring the frothing wild garlic and sea of bluebells as we descended down to Bolton Bridge and back along the banks of the Wharfe. The skies seemed to clear for us whilst the run made life feel clear and simple again; the grimy layers of work yuck soon started to recede.
Felt surprisingly okay tonight despite the harder run yesterday so will forge ahead as planned with a hill session tomorrow night and long run Sunday all being well. Plan is to recce the Wharfedale HM route on Sunday with some respectable local fell lads for company. The very scenic Dales loop from Grassington should be a fine source of blog pics this weekend. Now I just need to shed these newly acquired folds of cuddliness built up during my hibernation these last few weeks. Can't believe how much I eat - work mates are continually stunned by the quantities I can put away. No cake or scone type treats for the rest of the week. That seems harsh. Until Sunday then, maybe.


kate said...

fingers crossed for sunday (cake) then ;)

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