Wednesday, 6 May 2009


After my fleeting moments of clarity yesterday and my vows to purge my soul of the cloying, covetous claustrophobia that is consumerism I thought I'd call into a Sportshoes Unlimited in Bradford after an early finish from my meeting today. Readers, I must confess I was indecently eager to sell my soul down the river in purchasing 3 (eek!) pairs of new trainers...yes all at once... I spent £150! Though I did get a great deal mind, (or so I told myself and explained to M on the way home-it was a bargain that had to be had). I’ve been in desperate need for a shoe purchase as am clocking up the miles in my old road shoes and as my spreadsheet mileage calcs tells me I'm touching 400 miles in all my shoes (always have 3 or 4 different pairs on the go). I'm clean out of tokens which is my usual guilt free mode of acquiring shoes (tend luckily to win enough to keep me in footwear) but have sadly run out since Miss Mojo went on holiday. So, a good range of excuses there don’t you reckon?

I can justify the investment further on the back of a nice swift 9 tonight. I decided to risk a run with M and have a go at something other than an easy plod; just to check how heart rate and how the legs would cope. I pulled on my new and embarrassingly glinty white pair of Nimbus; they were the snuggest little pillows tied on my feet. I bounced my way to Ilkley and back on an undulating but scenic loop from home. The run felt great, a steady pace (7.20 with frequent hills) and heart rate seemed to be back to normal - no weird leaps on the inclines for a change. Dare I hope that little Miss Mojo is back from her travels...? Or perhaps it's been the shoes all along. I knew the deal was too good to miss. A demain.


Hayfella said...

I'm so relieved. I thought it was just me that had to buy shoes to invite litle Miss Mojo back into your life! There's something magical about sparkly new shoes. That moment when you seek out the muddiest bit for their christening plunge.... And of course, the more pairs you buy at once, the more you save! (my wife uses that one)
You go girl! (I appear to have become a gay American. Sorry).

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