Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Sturdy Straps

Frustrating day today. My second Garmin 305 wrist strap snapped leaving me with the giant size spare that came in the box. I've already snapped my own short strap so this was the scrounged shortie from M which has now also snapped. The pin thingy at the end of the strap is molded with a rubber seam that doesn't seem to be very robust; certainly not strong enough to withstand Runningbear type wear and tear!
I've rather small, girly wrists so have used my giant spare as a temporary measure and the flippin' thing just swings about like a very ugly rubber bangle. Anyway, have been online and spent £14.99, yes, you read it right, £14.99 on a bit of plastic wrist strap! Am now thinking this was rash and could have found a cheaper substitute on the high street but was kind of panicked thinking I'll be without my GPS (shock of horrors) for a day or two. Not sure how I'll cope. To add to my annoyance I set out for my evening run and after only a mile I suddenly suffered a very dodgy tum and had to stop and walk home. So have stayed in, stuffed my face with everything I could find in the naughty cupboard - serves my tummy right - and topped it all off with a bowl of home made popcorn. I'm such a lardy hog.
So, managed a rubbish recovery run of only 4 today at a leisurely 8min/miles. Really could do with running all this blubber off but don't really trust my tummy to hold out. Must try harder tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah. What is in that picture. Is it a replacement watch strap for your Garmin?
You have had some heavy use of your Garmin so I'm not surprised. My strap on my bike light went the other day...with help from swinging a broom across the handlebar's.
Nothing wrong in a bit of cake. I ate a good 9-10 (good) slices at my recent training weekend. The things we do for sport eh.

kate said...

as a fellow foodie-what do you put on your popcorn? i have to have salt, chili powder and a little cinnamon. impossible to eat a small amount!
....i think you run enough to cope with the calories ;)

Runningbear said...
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Runningbear said...

Thanks for the pop corn tip Kate. Really like the chili suggestion. I'm afraid I don't have any exciting combinations to share as this is new snack territory to me - have just had salt and icing sugar (together). Simple but enough to comfort. Will try out your combo and report back.

Ian - is that an attempt at a joke? Or did you not fully appreciate the fantastic action shot of corn popping?

Being a very experienced running type have you had any over training symptoms yourself? Not sure what's going on with me but wondered how long is reasonable to hope to get over this slouchy, blobby phase.. any ideas wise one?

Julbags said...

I now prefer the velcro wrist strap that comes with the bike mount, its much more comfortable and in my case stops the huge nit from irritating my protruding wrist bone. I've blogged about the strap with pictures in the past. To use the velcro strap you have to take the normal watch type straps off.

The upshot is when I had to get a new Garmin after I lost my other one I took the rubber straps off immediately so I have a short buckle (it is the buckle side that's short or long?) that I'll never use so if you want it I can send you it.

Runningbear said...

Julbags, you're a star. So glad you posted, have had a good read through your blog comments and have managed to cancel my order for a new rubber wrist strap. Have had a good look at the quick release velcro thingy you mention and might give that a go instead. HOwever, if we don't get along could I take you up on the offer of your short buckle? Would send you some cash of course. RB

Julbags said...

No worries, let me know either way.

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