Monday, 6 April 2009

Coachin' 'n' Poachin'

After the last few weeks of feeling like a blobby heffalump dragging myself around the track I was sorta dreading today's stab at another effort session. Regular readers will be familiar with my quotidien grumbles of a general lack of spring and speed in my running at the moment. This is all the more worrying with the start of my 10k racing phase due to commence this week with the Salford event on Friday. Think I'll be lucky to be running under 36mins at this rate which is disappointing after my efforts since Xmas. I seem to be well down on my times from races earlier in the year and general pacing in efforts and interval sessions seems to be reflecting this too. It's pretty challenging to try and take a step back from it all and not feel increasingly frustrated with the strange sensation of getting slower the more I train - not sure what a coach would say other than perhaps I need a break. I'm trying to avoid the idea for now as that feels a bit drastic, especially when I love running so much and cope so badly without my daily fix. Anyway, will give it another week or two before taking any decisions, would like to save M the horror of living with me whilst I'm not running, it could get nasty.

Session tonight was slightly different than planned with some intervals moved forward to allow a bit more recovery time up to the race on Friday. Instead of a drive to Nelson we opted for a grass session; 6x3mins with 2mins jog recovery. Though it wasn't a full on session it felt testing enough. I made the strange decision to wear my Mudclaws too which left my toes feeling rather sore and crumpled - really not sure why I did that but must remember not to do it again.

The upside was coming home tonight with a feeling of having earned my bubble bath and a comforting supper. Used my new poaching 'pods' and had eggies on toast (inspired by Kate - kindred spirit in all things edible). They came out in a perfect dome which is very pleasing aesthetically and marvellous for ensuring a good, even coverage on your toast. Recommended purchase to poaching fans. Anyway, a pleasing and well earned supper : d


jumbly said...

Poaching pods? More info needed please. We had poached eggs today, lack of bread meant I either went to the shop or served them on top of potato waffles. Obviously the waffle option won out!

Runningbear said...

Mmm, waffles.

The pods were about a £4 for a pair though they seem a bit more expensive on line but here are a couple of links - made of silicone and they float in a pan of water like a lily pad! A very pleasing invention.

kate said...

will have to have poachies tonight now :)
...instead of taking a full break could you just have a few easy weeks without the hard sessions? keep you sane!

Runningbear said...

Will see how I feel this week and may just ease down as you say. Just feel like my running mojo as gone on an Easter holiday - am hoping the little guy will come back soon.

Hope you enjoyed the poachies.

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