Sunday, 4 September 2011

Bouncing Back

So it seems that I've written countless blogs in the last year threatening a comeback to some kind of fitness and racing plan. Sorry for the repetition readers. A mix of all sorts seems to have delayed me but after a bit of twiddling of spreadsheets and race planning I'm starting to feel very focused and race hungry again. Unfortunately I'm some way off what I'd describe as race fitness and also have a few pounds to lose, but I'm actually feel up for it in a way that I haven't felt for a while. This week is the first for some months that I've actually run every day.
After a call this week from the North of England team manager I've now got a nice target race to work towards; the Great South Run. A ten miler is a nice distance to work towards in 8 weeks and will help focus the mind. After that I'm thinking a fast half marathon in early 2012 and a spring marathon to capitalise on whatever speed I've gained. Does it sounds like a plan? In the meantime I've a few mini races to look for to pepper the schedule with some hard training runs. What would we do without Mr Schofield? The cross countries should serve me well; a bit of lung-bursting speed on the odd Saturday to remind me of the pains of racing. It's been some months since I last donned a club vest and it's all a bit scary. Today, a 16 mile tempo sandwich. I'm quite looking forward to it...


  1. woooooooooooooooot! hope you enjoyed your sandwich ;)

  2. that's some must have a hearty appetite!

  3. "...a fast half marathon in early 2012" - what about the Wokingham Half (