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After sampling the delights of the beautiful new running track at Keighley and revelling in the fresh, new and very bouncy running surface my training has taken a bit of a back seat this last fortnight. That goes for blogging and blipping too ... 

Another promotion opportunity at work came along unexpectedly, all at very short notice and demanding lots of nervous energy and attention. The very long and complicated application went in on Friday 13th, assessment centre was then endured on the very same day as my birthday, Monday 23rd and then bam! Shock job offer on 25th. It's all been a bit unexpected really and not much time for thinking in between. I'm very chuffed though and am now planning for my job move to Greater Manchester with very little time to hand over the old one in West Yorkshire. In between I'm planning my next marathon effort in October and trying to squeeze some training in. To add to the excitement, M and I have just booked our first proper holiday in years. I'm so excited! A week's trip to Austria in June with mountains, lakes, lots of trail running and plenty of fine pastries for me and German sausage for M. It's gonna be bliss. Life should calm down soon. (I'm the one in the frock).

P.s. to any local runners fancying a session on the new Keighley track - you can use the new facilities from 6.30pm Tuesday & Thursdays for a small fee of £2. John Dennis is your man to contact for more information:


  1. Many congrats Sarah and have a great holiday , sounds like you will need one!

    Are you upping sticks or will you commute?

  2. Well done Sarah on landing that promotion opportunity and hope the weather is just perfect for you and M to have a wonderful holiday in Austria.
    But you're not leaving lovely Wharfedale, are you?

  3. Great news RB! Will you become a Sale Harrier now? Enjoy your holiday.
    Hayfella (for some reason, it's saying 'Anonymous'

  4. great buses..suddenly 3 come at once!

  5. busy,busy, busy! congratulations on the job front, exciting times ahead.

  6. Thanks for the good wishes and have been in a crazy place at work trying to prepare to leave. A strange mixture of sadness and excitement at what's to come. Thankfully no move planned just yet. A commute to work for now, similar to the one I have now; long but doable. So no club transfers Hayfella :)

    Hope the running doesn't suffer - will have to try out the Manchester canal... ugh.


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