Saturday, 22 January 2011

Oh Weary Me

Somehow I've got to Saturday without falling asleep at the wheel or something equally daft happening as a result of a hard and tiring week at work. The pending cuts are requiring signficant agility and creativity to deliver services with a lot less money. Everyone's stressed out and piling on the work as a result. Poor me us.

Intense days at work are followed by the too long 90 minute commute home followed by a wonder woman whirl into kit and out again to run marathon mileage. As a result I can't seem to get to 3pm on a Saturday without feeling the urge to drop unconscious nap. I'm avoiding any time sitting on the sofa today; as soon as I've parked my behind I'll be off with the fairies, snoring through Eurosport and dribbling on M's shoulder.
Energy levels will soon be restored with some good night's kip and lots of good food, starting nicely with home made pizza for lunch (yum). I've also got to get perky for my race paced effort in the Brass Monkey tomorrow. Instructions are clear; keeping  strictly to marathon race pace will provide a taxing training session, test my fitness at  target pace without detracting from the training week ahead. 6.18-6.20 is the plan and all being well I'll be able to repeat this in the 20 miler next month. It'll also be another week of 80+ in the bag. M on the other hand has some more serious running to do.


Mark H said...

I don't know how you do it.
It made me feel drained just reading about all you have to cram in !

Good luck for Brass Monkey.Hope you both get what you want out of it.

ultra collie said...

6.20? i take it thats the time you're leaving the house ;-)

know how you feel re the work pressure plus marathon training etc etc..we're the same at work and my hours there are rising..hence why i thought id have a running year that wouldnt stretch me

enjoy bm..ideal conditions for it..bit chilly today though for racing shorts!

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