Sunday, 10 October 2010

Melt Down

Today was the first race in the Complete Runner West Yorkshire XC League at Nunroyd. It was a gorgeous sunny day and Runningbear was on the sidelines, not feeling quite so sorry for herself I hasten to add. It was great to see mates out racing, snaking around the grassy undulations of Nunroyd Park whilst I cheered them along complete with camera and sunnies under what turned out to be gorgeous blue skies. 
I felt particularly cheery having run 12 miles today. Woohoo! I'm so chuffed. My legs felt sorry, achy and grumbly but they were no worse by mile 12. I felt that satisfying long run tiredness that's been missing from my life for weeks. It's so good to feel the post run glow after all this time. Anyway, I'm clearly very unfit, my heart rate was sky high and god knows how I ever ran 20+ every Sunday in the spring but I've gotta start somewhere. Thankfully the post run buzz didn't dull even as my camera suffered a meltdown mid race; just a few snaps survived. I may have to consider an upgrade...shame.


Steve said...

Excellent news.
(Get a 7D)

ultra collie said...

great news!

Runningbear said...

Hi Steve, mmm.. not sure if you mean the run or the camera..but have indeed been toying with the 7D but then eyes drifted to the 5D Mark II and am a bit torn... :] What d'ya think?

Hi UC, thanks for the visit, hope you've managed some daylight training this weekend?

Julie said...

Hi Sarah,
Nice work on the 12 miler! It is good to hear that you are charging along:) You took so many wonderful pictures! Take care RB:)

Steve said...

Brief outline of the merits/drawback as far as I can tell
7D - newer model - dual processors - £1200

5Dmark 11 - older model but FULL FRAME sensor. so you will have less reach on the zoom but more scope to crop. The wide end will surely benefit from FF on your landscapes though.
Any efs lenses you have will become redundant of course.
at nearer £2k I would suggest no less than L series glass to be a worthy companion.

Hayfella said...

Great news. So good to hear you're getting back out there.

Jamie said...

Great photos!

five fingers said...

Great post...Congratulations on your race.
--A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life. ~Charles Darwin

Steve said...

check out

Runningbear said...

Hi Steve, thanks for the feedback.. still really stuck..D7 is a great body but full frame sensor is very tantalising too!

Less concerned about speed than image quality :/
My 1000d is limping along a shot at a time!

Thanks UC, Julie & HF, am loving being back - running is ace!

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