Tuesday, 31 August 2010


After enjoying some welcome running frolics over the Bank Holiday weekend I'm reminded of how good it is to be running again. Even more so with a return to the mundane business today; train-office-another train-another office-another train-home-eat-bed. I'm hopeful that I might be over the worst of the shinny injury and daily running can be re-inserted into the week's routine pretty soon. 

I plan to have another nursery training week to keep an eye on the leg though I’m thinking this may be less shin and more calf niggle now. I find these things so difficult to determine; having bulging calves of a stout footballer who knows what's going on in there. Plan is: no better by Friday = call to the physio. 

If anything the shinny issues have fired me up again and so I have whiled away a few hours over the weekend planning my winter training and racing. A nice 10 miler building to a half marathon might be a good start before considering more serious race goals into the spring. Jack Daniels has made a comeback on the bedside table and is re-lighting this running fire.


kate said...

medicinal booze?...oh, that jack daniels. despite enjoying your pun-a-rama's i hope this is the end of niggles for you.

ultra collie said...

with a coke mixer i hope

Julbags said...

My calf has been grumpy for a good few weeks now, had to do the hobble of shame back to the car on the last run I tried after less than half a mile in. Cycling is better but is the root cause (singlespeeding and pushing much harder gears, least its not my knees) My usual stretches aren't touching it but finally found the old hang heel off step and let gravity pull down helps a lot.

I hate to think what my calf circumference is, come to think of it my quads could rival Chris Hoy. Hope the physio isn't needed.

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