Xmas Is Early

My new kit arrived safely, delivered by Mr Complete Runner personally. A boxful of goodies included lots of great summer gear to keep this Runningbear training cool but also some more racers and trainers; T6s and Glycerin 8s which are my all time favourites. Brooks seem to be the only brand of shoes that keep my feet free from blisters, sore spots or calluses however many miles I race or run. They've also got a great shoe advisor online, check it out here.

A new addition to my fine collection this time is a pair of Brooks' Cascadia Trail shoes. I've had my eye on these for a while and am looking forward to trialing these on the trails this weekend...
Other than pressies from Brooks (thanks Martin), the week's been a tedious one with too much going on at work and no time for owt else. Training runs have been a rush to get out and back before the evening light disappears so I've just been hanging on for the weekend and space to breathe and relax again. I'm now very glad its Friday; two full days ahead with space to run, breathe, eat and sleep, all in that order. Tomorrow is track work again, accompanied by my trusty M; we'll be flogging ourselves with 400s. Yay.


  1. some nice girlie touches on those trail shoes rb..watch you dont get them too muddy..not much chance right now tho' !
    hope your w/e sessions go well

  2. nothing makes you run faster than new kit. have a good weekend :)

  3. Hi Sarah,
    Wow, nice new shoes! You are so lucky to get a awesome new Brooks running kit! Enjoy your trail running RB! Fast as a flash:)

  4. That is an awesome brook shoes...I wish I will receive a gift like that too...


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