Sunday, 4 July 2010

The A Team

After the highs of a 3k PB this week I've been training hungry and as motivated as ever to get back on track. The rest of the week has featured some more fine deposits in the fitness account but with the added bonus of Mr T for company (more fondly known as M). His previous week of rest saw him more than ready to get back to it; it was a welcome change to have company on some key sessions, and what a great running team we make.

A return to the track on Saturday brought some pacey running with super speedy training partner, Becky L of Skipton. Becky has a big race next weekend and her own wow-some 3k PB last Tuesday indicates she has a fine run in store, particularly if her form at the track is anything to go by. 

Coach Scobie made sure we delivered another fine 400s session; 12 reps all ran at well under our 3k race pace. M joined us too and easily hit sub 5 min mile pace on all the reps; a positive reinforcement that the speedy strategy will provide some fine road racing this autumn. So, a bit of race planning is now underway to make sure we bag some fine times to follow on from the speedy summer  A half marathon and a few 10Ks should do it before some more thinking about what 2011 will bring...
A return to the long one on the road today; 17 miles at a steady pace to keep the endurance base topped up. Though I'm still a bit puzzled at how much strength and pace  I've lost in only a few weeks, I'm at last feeling a bit more forward focused and the strength is returning week by week. I'm back to a healthy mileage and enjoying the running again. No racing for another week but plenty of training to do. Yay.


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