Thursday, 18 March 2010


The week off work has turned into something of an overeating haze. After the Ritzy tea and then a very long race I seem to have done nothing but feed and sleep and go out for the odd run. Monday's easy 5 miles was a restful post race effort as was Tuesday, with a long and easy trail run to ease the sore ITB and give the body time to recover. Today has been my first quality session after the 20 miler on Sunday and what a tough effort it proved to be.

A steady 15 miles was the planned return to a proper session and with it a few threshold miles thrown in. The plan was 6 miles at tempo pace with a rider that I'd ease off if it felt too much. I took the usual lollipop route from home and clipped along with much improved quads and at a healthy steady pace. My first couple of threshold miles felt taxing but manageable; a good pace despite the wind picking up along the route. The turn back to Ilkley saw me hit high winds for the next couple of miles and by tempo mile 4 I was spent! The legs turned to noodle and it took most of my energy to run in a straight line into the wind. I finished the final miles at steady pace, a bit disappointed not to have completed the 6 but reassuring myself of the need to be sensible. The run clocked a 6.38 average so not bad despite the race fatigue. The weekend has more in store including intervals and a long run so best not to overdo things today. Tonight, more fuel; a long awaited curry with running mates.


Julie said...

I am not surprised that your legs felt like noodles! You just ran a flipping long 20 mile race...and you ran it like a rock star:) Don't be so hard on yourself. You deserve a break Sarah:)

ultra collie said...

you can keep your cakes but your noodle dish looks yum

Runningbear said...

Thanks Julie, keep forgetting that I'm still a bit race tired! M is also regularly reminding me :]

Hi UC, was a lunch treat at Wagamama this week - smoked haddock udon soup; Scrummy and healthy too. It's great when those two things coincide don't you think? RB.

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