Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Just a quickie tonight as today is a very special day. I did good and got in my track work last night, though times were a bit slow as I slid around the first 100m bend of each rep over the newly formed ice. I also squeezed in a steady 14m tonight, in between unwrapping pressies and the birthday messages. Today is M's special day. He's had lots of special birthday treats, including some rather nifty running kit. He's also managed 8 miles himself at a good steady pace. A great birthday present on its own and a good sign that the unruly bum cheek is now well and truly on the mend.

Birthday Graphics


Julie said...

Wow, you ran an easy fourteen tonight!! You are a rock star!! Happy Birthday to M!!!! It sounds like he had some good birthday goodies and presents:) Excellent!!

kate said...

happy birthday M! hope rb shared her choco softies with you ;)

Runningbear said...

M says thanks for the b'day wishes. He didn't each much cake or choco softies as is dieting after a couple of running-less weeks. All treats are saved up until bum cheek fully bounces back!

ultra collie said...

happy belated birthday to m
i always seem to miss the best celebrations!

Runningbear said...

M's very touched by the b'day wishes from you all. Thanks for the kind words. RB

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