Saturday, 13 February 2010

Planning Plans

I'm still absorbing the contents of the Daniels text but would recommend this to anyone who wants a bit of a refresher in approaches to training with some idiot proof science thrown in. It reads as a very accessible integration of common sense and basic physiology and I really liked the style of writing and structure of the book. The final chapters provide schedules for different race distances, including three different marathon schedules (of 24 weeks). These offer a framework for sequencing the different types of quality training for the most effective speed and endurance development. He avoids quoting mileage at you, which is refreshing and enables you to tailor the plans to your specific needs; thus focusing the mind more on what you are actually trying to achieve with each training session.
The threshold training explanations provide some suggested workouts and are mind boggling but excellent sessions that I'm looking forward to weaving into The Plan through the coming weeks. To clarify the language, threshold training is described as 'tempo' running and equates to your 10 mile race pace. If there's anything I'd moan about having read a few running books in the last year or so, it's the interchangeability of how the terms threshold and tempo are used by authors and a lack of clarity of what these terms mean. Daniels defines this pretty clearly and even includes his VDOT tables to assist you with identifying your optimum training pace. Tempo or threshold pace for me is about 5.50, which makes any such run over 5 miles seem a bit of a daunting prospect without any race adrenalin to get the heart pumping. All the more reason to race long ones regularly I reckon.

I'm now tucking into my cheese and bean toastie (I'm officially addicted) after an easy day's running. This being a recovery week I'm giving the body a break to adjust to the building mileage. A steady 7 miles with a few controlled strides this morning helped wake up the legs from Maggie the mauler's massage last night and also to pep me up for the long one tomorrow. I might even stretch to an off road run, my little legs feel like they deserve it.


Julie said...

Hi Sarah,
Awesome job with your training:) Umm, I am just getting really jealous of your 5:50!!

Okay, so this cheese and bean toastie sounds interesting and if you are addicted it must be good! What kind of beans do you add to it? Give me the skivvy so that I can attempt to make it:) I hope that you enjoy the rest of your weekend Sarah!!

ultra collie said...

i think you've just about sold it to me
seems well worth a read
i reckon i could hold that for 200m :)
enjoy the dirt

Antony Bradford said...

Sounds like a good book to buy. I think I need a refresher, and anything that avoids quoting mileage will do for me.

The 5.50 pace over a long run does sound a bit daunting though. More so if you're on your own or it's a hilly course.

Hayfella said...

5.50!! I had a time like that once. For half a mile. The Jack Daniels training sounds good do you have it with ice?
On a more philosophical note; do you think that runners view training books in the same way as some people use diet books? 'The next one is always the absloutely perfect one for me'?

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