Dreadmill Daze

After the frustrations of Sunday I was determined to make my first quality session this week count. An easy 5 on Monday night gave the very tight quads time to calm down and relax before my weekly visit to the track for some interval action. Tonight's session was a change of tack; a mixed pace session of alternating marathon pace (6.10) with steady aerobic pace (6.50) 1k efforts; completing 16k in total. After a couple of laps warm up with M by my side we set out at 6.50 pace for the first steady rep.
The mental arithmetic alone was sufficient challenge as we worked out our pacing sums through each 200m split. By rep 2 we began to notice an icy glint on the track and after 20 minutes of running it was clear that the temperature was plummeting and the track had just completely iced over. It was incredible to see running surface transform in such a short time. I could have cried. The constant cold weather up north is a right pain in the a*** and I'm starting to lose my patience. I managed to slip my way around a third rep before agreeing with M that it was another bum cheek injury waiting to happen. Thankfully after a quick chat with the bloke at the desk we'd wangled our way into the gym to finish off the session on a machine. A great decision it was too.
The treadmill felt tough at first, mentally more than anything else as we stared at our spot of whitewashed wall or the few red digits on the miniature screen. After rep. 4 things started to feel good and the rhythm of running started to feel pretty smooth and hypnotic. I ended finishing the full 16k with plenty of juice left over and averaged an excellent pace for the total 10 miles. It's a bit bonkers I know, but I'm beginning to wonder if intervals on the treadmill might be quite a good thing. No wind or rain or ice to contend with and no easing down the pace when things get tough. I can't believe I'm writing this but, I actually quite enjoyed it. Yes. Really.


  1. Awesome job on your workout!! I don't mind running on the mill every now and then too. I agree, it sure does beat the cold, wind, snow and whatever other elements might be out there:)

  2. I hear you! I much prefer to be outside and layer up. However, after soooo many days of wind and cold, the treadmill becomes more attractive!

  3. the doctor will see you soon ;)

    i did 3 miles one day this winter on it. never again. felt like 30

    but hey..you enjoyed it..thats what counts..and you got your session in. job done

  4. With a winter so long and cold it's killing deer in Scotland I guess you just have to play the dreadmill game. Good for you for sticking it out!

  5. On another topic...what do I have to do for my mug shot to show on replies? I've fiddled around with everything I can find to fiddle with but still nothing...

  6. Thanks to everyone for the kind comments & not casting me out as a treadmill freak. You've now seen my dark side...

    Hayfella, I'm a lucky lassy to have 2 visits from you today... not sure why your pic is not loading - does it need aresize? Sometimes the pixels are too many for the avatar set up...is all I can think but will also do research. RB

  7. Sarah, hadn't spotted previously you had such a fast marathon pace (6.10) - I guess you are aiming 2:40? How did you come to this target - is this based on Daniel's VDOT data or say on McMillan run calculator (http://www.mcmillanrunning.com/mcmillanrunningcalculator.htm). I am maybe being a wimp for my target time (3 hours) as say my Brass Monkey time (81mins 22s)implies I could go to low 2:50s for VLM. But conversely I get a lot of people saying that for my first marathon it should just be a "get round". Hopefully Trimpell20 should give me another good indicator but I am training at 6.50 for MP so feel locked into this now. Any advice from you or anyone else appreciated.

  8. Paul , a Brass Monkey time of 78mins 50sec converted into a 2h 50min for me at London.
    Had done plenty of previous marathons before though.
    I'm a firm believer in even pacing for marathons.You must leave something in the tank for the last 10k otherwise you run the risk of dying on your arse!!

    Will be at Trimpell also , targeting around 2:10.

    Sorry to butt in on your blog RB! :0)

  9. One thing I've found about intervals on the treadmill is that it makes the time go much quicker, which is of course a blessing! If you have a TV in front of your treadmill, there's a great series of interval DVDs to use also. It's called Runervals...good, quality speedwork sessions. Love your blog, btw, and you are seriosly speedy!

  10. Hi Paul. Thanks for posting and yes my current training pace does equate to a low 2.40 marathon, but I’ve not really determined my pace for racing yet, that’ll come with the race feedback prior to my taper. My pacing at the moment is based on my heart rate in the main, which usually guides my effort in sessions.
    I completely agree that we need to approach our first marathon with caution, respecting the demands of the race distance. I’m treating my first as a learning experience!
    The prediction calcs, I think shouldn’t be taken alone without consideration for your approach to prep and your physiological leaning towards speed or endurance. If you’ve read Daniels you’ll be familiar with his widely supported approach to volume and intensity that’s quite specific to marathon racing. In considering the accuracy of the tables you need to think about whether you’re running the miles and the quality that would justify a straight conversion from the shorter race times. Sarah.

  11. Thanks Sarah,I think I'll have a good stare at my Trimpell 20 data to see how I can use it to forecast my marathon target. This has been an interesting experiment for me and if I do another one, I think I'll try to take a far more scientific and structured approach to my training!

  12. i guess it's the same as using a turbo trainer. which i have done on occasions...when needs must...


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