Thursday, 28 January 2010

Run Sandwich

It's been a struggle to blog tonight with a cat strewn across my keyboard and everything. [I've always wanted to type that]. He's clearly had a hard day at the office. Anyway, a good excuse for a quickie it is before the little boy genius returns for some more laptop lovin'.

I managed another double today, a gentle 6m with a bit of company from the Complete Runner, starting the day with some very welcome sunshine and running chat. What more could a girl ask? I was then guilty again of another lazy day with the exception of some vital birthday research for a soon to be birthday boy. I won't say who ;)

Another 8 miles this afternoon of fluid and fine feeling running with no niggles really to speak of and a good steady pace. The Achilles flare up seems happily to have passed with just a bit of calf and ITB soreness in the background. The windy and hilly route was an anticlockwise repeat of yesterday though I was a bit faster and no clock watching until I got home.


ultra collie said...

sounds like its all go in the rb household ..except for one 4 legged feline friend

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