Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Damn That Spam

No, not the rubbery, pink and pretend meaty kind but that pesky electronic kind from a very irritating source, They have somehow penetrated my email, deleted all my messages sent and received for the last month and then infiltrated all my contacts sending a bogus message from me about recommended electrical products on their website. The cheek! Its VERY annoying. I keep getting puzzled emails from long lost mates wondering what's going on. If anyone has any top tips of how to sort this I'd be grateful. So far I've Googled for help threads and nothing seems to have sorted the problem. Apologies to anyone out there that might been on the receiving end... back to running.
Legs are tired and a bit sore from the mammoth efforts of last night. We ran in Ilkley for a change tonight, a moderate paced 7 miles around town. It felt a bit chilly and a bit of procrastination featured before I finally got out of the door. The pace averaged 7.13 so not so fresh but not so bad after the week I've had. Another moderate one tomorrow then easy Friday before a trip to Birmingham Friday night, a hotel stay and a fry up for M then race day Sat, a new England kit and lots of mud I expect. Ho hum.


Anonymous said...

I think they have taken over your hotmail account. Try changing your password on hotmail to something different. Also check under options that they haven't changed your signature to some commercial ad for the website. Also check here

kate said...

similar thing happened to jane and she's switched to googlemail-seems to better protected.
....will you be wearing your racing pants again?

Runningbear said...

THanks Tricky, think its all now sorted though am rather embarrassed that some actually thought it was from me!

Thanks Kate, yes wearing those red pants again. There's no escaping..

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