Friday, 14 August 2009

A New Leaf

I am so glad its Friday. My mind got all twisted this week; I’m actually wondering if holidays for as long as 3 weeks are just plain unhealthy. They just get you into such a relaxed and fulfilled state that the readjustment back to work is too harsh. This week has felt sooo looooong with sharp and scary glimpses of what a stress-head I was before my break. I've even noticed myself back to my stressed half running everywhere, including from my train seat to the office and back (after some work in between), why do I get like that?! I’m now trying to be a bigger (metaphorically speaking) & better person. Work is what it is. I will no longer be that flimsy paper boat on the stormy seas of work life. The real stuff is home & it will be my anchor [cue wry smile from M].

So, the work switch is now switched off (and not on standby), the Friday night 5m recovery run is done and I’m ready for the weekend. I have also logged on to read some great news left by Old RunningFox; I haven't missed the deadline for Burnsall at all! Its the 18th - I've gone and got my pants in a twist over nothing. There's clearly some error on the bit of the website we read. Thanks ORF, am feeling all happy-go-lucky again. Except for the thought of the yucky but necessary-for-fitness 5k time trial first thing in the morning but then only blissful days filled with eating (first things first), running, chatting, reading, more running and general relaxing until 8am Monday. Phew.


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