Saturday, 27 June 2009

A Fine Pair

Nice change today as we ran with very good company this morning on an easy 4 mile recce of the relay route around Danefield Forest in Otley. Nigel A came over from Pudsey to act as our trusty guide and along with our mate Tricky we ran a nice, easy and very loopy route around the forest tracks. These old legs felt strangely tired but am trying not to read too much into this other than the usual pre-race panic that I'm not fit/fast/fresh enough for the efforts of a road race. I'll stop being a scaredy cat once the gun has gone at 12pm tomorrow and I've got the race started. My pre-race nerves are always ridiculous, even for really low key events so no surprises that I'm already stressin'.
Had a very welcome invite to refuel on a coffee and biscuits at Dragons club later in the morning and chewed the fat with a pair of good running pals, Kevin O and Tricky. Both are great runners and equally immersed in the sport themselves but somehow they still manage to be incredibly supportive, positive and generous towards those around them. Anyway, after eyeing up all those muffins, croissants and other devilish things in the cafe I decided to rescue that box of forlorn looking blueberries in the fridge and rustle up a delicious pancakey snack. Only for pre-race fuelling purposes of course ; )


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